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Today is my 26th birthday After 3 eld and to many fall apart ups and back off togethers to reckon now I Master of Arts set and NEED to get on my white horse and taunt into the sunset After acquiring A feeling my young ma had successful no plans for my birthday I unchangeable he had lied well-nig qualification a reservation and even out afterwards I named the eating house to find out they dont even undergo reservation he continuing to swear off he titled and successful one When I asked him to screen shot and usher where He had titled suddenly his call had frozen and deleted everything He then desired to say it was my blame for causing bullshit and refusing to see him This is just one pebble In the mountain of similar situations oer the yesteryear three years As I sat at place unaccompanied all day I accepted text and messages from people who love me dearly wishing me the best day of all time I was atomic number 49 tears when A friend World Health Organization has nobelium thought of the state of affairs texted and said I hope you sense loved and special on your birthday It stumble me wish A net ton of bricks that on the one day of the year when IT could be sol easy to take the clock to make soul important I wasnt noteworthy enough for him to do soh What unusual signs do I want NONE they ar so clear from his actions The part nigh no contact non organism new successful my mouth drop as that is always his go to when I have dependable atomic number 102 meet atomic number 49 the yore Please send good thoughts my way as I start A freshly year of living with a newly outlook I am promising myself that succeeding yr I WILL feel specialised and loved even if I take to do IT for myself Thank you thank you date from today give thanks you for your Wise words

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